Optimize your batch scheduling processes

  • Setting up new jobs is fast and easy
  • Customize your own job lists
  • Serves any level of job dependencies
  • Alert messaging for failed jobs
  • Direct access to log-files
  • Built-in SOP documentation
  • Full audit trail and execution history
  • Extensive API support
  • Support for multiple holiday calendars

Get all your Simcorp®
batch jobs ready

Flightplan handles all your SimCorp Dimension jobs

Lower operational risk and strengthen performance

  • We connect the dots across applications like SimCorp Dimension, SAS, Python, Powershell, any application you wish for
  • You get a shortcut to enhanced value creation, reduction of manual processes and less IT-support
  • Support the concept of 'working from home' - allow users & teams shared views across all workflows
  • Executes your workflows on time, even when you are at sleep

Technical Specifications

Supported job types

  • SimCorp Dimension Batch Job Groups
  • Python
  • Batch / Windows Command Scripts
  • PowerShell
  • Executables
  • Oracle anonymous block
  • Microsoft Transact-SQL
  • FileTransfer (FTP / SFTP)
  • FileListener

Database support

  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL


  • Usability designed for business users
  • Cockpit thinking: All functionality at your fingertips
  • Granular entitlement system based on AD

Estimate Project time

Enter the number of your different jobs and we calculate the migration time

SimCorp Dimension Batch Job Groups
SAS / Python Jobs
How many Teams
Calculating your project time

Being in control
gives you freedom

Flightplan optimizes batch scheduling processes and lowers operational risk





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